Friday, May 23, 2008


Dritan Hoxha, 40, President of Top Media, Albania’s biggest media group, lost his life last night in a car accident, - police said this morning. Mr. Hoxha was a very important entrepreneur in the country and self-made businessmen.

He began trade activities in the '90s, selling coffee and Espresso machines. At the end of the '90, his company Lori Café turned to be the most important player in that market. In 1999 he opened Top Albania Radio, which became the most important radio in the country at the time.

In September 2003, he founded Top Channel TV and in 2005 founded DigitAlb, a pay TV digital platform. Remarkably all his initiatives have been very successful. Especially DigitAlb, which turned Albania into a net exporter country in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Hoxha, father of four children, was known as a businessman not directly linked with any political party in Albania, something which is very rare in this country.

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