Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tear gas returns in the hands of Albanian police

By Gjergj Erebara in Tirana

Chloroacetophenone, a gas used to control riots, had been used in Albania in rare occasions. Last time were used by communist government to disperse anti-regime protesters. The government tried but failed to use them as well in 1997. Subsequent government accused six officials in 1998 for attempting to use chemical weapons against civil population during violent riots in Vlora.

It was a great surprise for me today, when government of Mr. Berisha announced plans to renew police arsenal, including tear gas grenades, rubber bullets and other riot control armaments. I didn’t know why government thinks that police needs this kind of armaments. Although Albania is not a quiet country at all, (last violent protests occurred in February 2004, when Berisha’s supporters tried to invade government house), I think that they are completely unnecessary. In Albania we have not anarchist groups or hooligans.

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ergis said...

Well, I think it is not for the hooligans or the anarchists that they are buying this rubber bullets or tear gas. It is the perfect condition for corruption on a public bid. Anyway nobody is going to control the quality of the bullets, their number, or the amount of tear gas. Because of its greater toxicity, it has largely been supplanted by CS gas. Why are they buying CN instead of CS?? Simple, to take some money for themselves.