Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lessons from the end of the world

Since ever, Albanian politicians have a dream to become important in world politics

By Gjergj Erebara in Tirana

Again, an Albanian politician had gone to give lessons to foreign states how to manage the issues of the world. The small Albania has a voice, and that voice should be heard from the rest of the world.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha declared today tha “Iran should not deny Holocaust” and that “Mr. Ahmadi Nejad declarations should be condemned”. Mr. Berisha attended a conference organized by Yad Vashem institute about the life of Hebrews in Albania during WWII. His speech should deal with Albanians who had helped Jewish peoples escape from Gestapo hands, something well acknowledged by the world. Comments about Iran were not present in the official press release, but were reported by several local televisions.

This is not the first time that a leader from small Albania goes to speak about world geopolitics. This is not the first time also for Mr. Berisha. During the communism, official propaganda considered this small and unimportant country “the flambeau of the world”. (Probably they were right. Albania was a flambeau in the time of electricity). This had brought several adventures in world politics. The most clamorous, was financing communist guerillas in Congo in ‘70’s, including trainings in Albanian soil.

Some other clamorous adventures in world politics of Albania, includes; official recognition of Western Sahara, 1998, (a completely unknown state in Western Africa), advising China to “democratize” in 1994, and advising French government to not oppose Iraqi invasion in 2003. Mr. Berisha itself is known also to “advise Turkish government to respect the minority rights”, in 2003. At all, Albania maybe is not “the flambeau of the world”, but someone could accept that maybe Mr. Berisha is a candle in the world politics.

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