Monday, September 29, 2008

Chaos of surveys on corruption

By Gjergj Erebara
At least, four different institutions have issued a study about corruption in Albania. Two of them noted that corruption was decreased in my country during last year. The other two, noted that corruption was increased sharply. I am feeling quite confused about this. Transparency International announced early this week that Albania have fought hard corrupted peoples so much for the government amusement. Prime Minister Sali Berisha beaten his own record by giving the longest political speech that I remember, hailing that report. Mr. Berisha's speech lasted for two hours and half last evening, from 6.30 MP at 9.00.
On other reports about corruption, IDRA, a local think tank institute published its survey last May and funded by USAID, found a country in deep depression. Majority of Albanians thought that corruption was increased during last year.
PRS group, a US investment advisor, think that corruption in Albania was almost doublet compared to 2005., an World Bank program, found that corruption was partially reduced. As for me, I am really confused.

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