Thursday, October 2, 2008

Many conditions for European integration

Albanian government looks a little frustrated by Athens. Tirana wants that Greek Parliament ratify the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Albania and European Union, but Greeks seems that have presented a long list of conditions for this. All conditions are not official, but Tirana is struggling to fulfill them. Last month, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, informed Macedonia that it will turn the archaic “Former Yugoslav Republic” name in its official documents for the first time since 1998. Although Albania accept Macedonia with its UN official name, (FYROM), in bilateral agreements it refers as “Government of Macedonia”. Albanian government seems confused in its regional politics. Officially, Tirana wants that Macedonia accept the independence of Kosova, but the name row do not help in this.
Greeks wants also free hand for their businesses in Albania. Government have canceled a huge fiscal fine for Greek mobile operator AMC Cosmote Group, under diplomatic pressure from Athens last year. Greeks wants also permissions to build several mausoleums in Albanian territory for Greek soldiers who died here during Italo-Greek war of 1941. Nationalists in Albania are angry about that. According to them, such mausoleums are not only memorials for Greek heroes, but also cross-border milestones. Some Greek nationalists pretend to extend the northern border of Greece for some 50 km further in Albanian territory. This crazy think of border disputes seems that will never end in Balkans.


Anonymous said...

A recent mirror, of statements, by all the parties including the communist party in Greece –which try to cause “discontent” to the community, was in Bulgaria, where the Foreign Minister of Greece Dora Bakogiani –met her Kosovans “homologous” Skënder Hysenji – where by virtue of that, the reaction of the press was tremendous and condemnable, by criticizing and reprimanding her and her party as the traitor of the country. There, take place another battle –the so called “skoupa”, which has the purpose to exterminate the unprotected “non grata” citizens by the European Law.

Ylli Permeti...Londer

Anonymous said...

Contextually, is that normal for a member of the community or, there is something that provoke discrepancy in the rank of the elite? Is there a common statement by all the members of the EC in foreign policy or there are two different “myths” which could apply for some “selective members” of the community?
Regardless of the implied policy by the Brussels Parliament, as I mentioned above, the situation should distinctly, face a stout strike below the belt, consequently, two utterly different myths must the constitutionalists of EU to resolve in Greece: By imposing upon changing the constitution in Greece which recognises one ethno-cultural criterion –thus, Homogeneity and/or the imposition of free acceptability of other values. Hence –Democracy.
Astonishingly, a lot of people may wonder: How could a country (which has been in the EC since the third enlargement of 1981) be a non- democratic country? The answer seems to be crucial but the same time critical.
Greece should/could be the leader of the region; the country which transmits the values of democracy to the neighbour countries –whereby, could the entire region in macro-political views (surpassing all the discrimination of the anachronistic mentality), which could lead with the progress of the region. But, instead, there are “obscurantist forces” which impede the implementation of the EC, by planning and confusing: The majority of the population that sees the extended natural adjacent of the Albanian tribal immanence as a new Calvary; who were from the ancient epochal times the only symbiotic population and, loyally follow-fighter against the ottoman empire; which stipulated the independence of the country in the revolution in 1821; where the Greek “ill nationalism” abolished the chain matrix of the population who sacrificed their live; inhibiting the consciousness of the citizens; by foreclosing the rights (of the last wave of immigrants as well as the huge population which co-existed in all the past years in every corner of the geographic surface) from the memorandums of the constituency; notably not at all “at random”, rolling out in this way the pivotal ecclesiastical believe that, overall must subsist the occupation/usurpation of consciousness; where the majority of the population has brainwashed by the dogmatic statement since 2000 and more years, by feeding the population with abhorrence against the (according to the old Greek expression) “barbaric” tribes.
Ylli Permeti...Londer

Anonymous said...

This sick mentality, of homogeneous has become more serious the last years by strengthening the rules of naturalisation, thus, by acquitting all the human/citizen rights as the other co-citizens in the country.
What is meant by naturalisation? Naturalisation is an act whereby a person acquires a citizenship different from that person citizenship at birth. What have acquired the immigrants in Greece according to the West-law? Virtually nothing. By saying virtually, we mean that the Greek law has something vis-a-vis with the European law. (It should be immediately stated that even the European, most elaborated laws, has some “chauvinist homogeneous inclination” on this direction.)
It seems to me, that, belonging to another society, you should have the origin of that society (despite the fact that you may grow up into that society for all your life), which seems to be contradictor/controversial with the “libertarian society”, hence democracy.
The conception of libertarian society; i.e. belonging to a country and the same time having all the rights of that country; has the origin in the IXX century enlightenment. So, who has had sacrificed, against the enemies –has the right to be a membership of the society. In that way, who sacrificed for France, England, Germany or Greece, has the right to acquire naturalisation, thus, in time frame, a subjective subconsciousness (becomes by virtue of historical connection, with the past generation, which in turn is unavoidable –intrinsic value) may/could emerge objective consciousness, who this time –is (our) European citizen.
Who can argue the opposite? Our live is connected with our ancestor. Imagine a simple analogy, according to the population in each country: What would be in case, if, in England, were 12 million French or the opposite; in Germany 20 million French or the opposite; in Albania 2 million Greek or the opposite? The last one, is a reality, and could not change the destiny/fate of the country, where live more than 2 million Albanian people in an absolute obscurantism condition. Critically, living as an Albanian in Greece or before in Kosovo (under the Serbian tutalage) was/is a crime; was/is inadmissible; was/is antisocial; was/is a shy; was/is black-white and in these conditions European (Leader) Courts do virtually nothing; even Albanian politicians are with arms in the air. This is a dramatic development, and the same time a ridiculous situation, sweeping a nation; a culture; a language aside in the core of Europe. In this way of thinking, the European Courts enmeshes semantically the notion of Democracy.
Democracy does not exist in a hollow. It does not exist without diversity-members as a whole; basically, it is premised on the existence of three basic components: Positive law (made by man –polis); natural law (emanated by Providence/supervision –demos); legal realism (made by human with its imperfection –cratos i.e. the modern state –and the creation of adequate citizenship ) and as such, law should in logic terms resolve the conflicts between the “local discriminative law” and which in turn can bind the inferior courts of all the members of the community. Law as such, is in the blood of the human being, since its creation.
What has the European Court of Justice (ECJ) done in post-1990 on statal terms, in the Region? Merely the observatory, except some embarrassing intervention in some areas of the local law. Why should intervene the supranationalist law to the local law? Because of its nature, its rigidity –which is mixed with dogmatic homogeneous “east remaining” and doesn’t recognise heterogeneous values.
Accepting the others as they are, is the nature of human; by doing the opposite, is egregiously delegitimation of the effect of law. Thus, the perceived pernicious of the region, by emphasising the homogeneity of the modern-state –has two major claimants: Serbia and Greece with all the pursuers.
How sad, is this situation, when in the region of Balkan countries, predominates the Episcopal or Patriarchal Autocephalous Jurisdiction, as certain Greek and Serbian churches, by feeding the population with hallucination addiction. Even nowadays, everyone can see explicitly the battle which takes place in different countries in the region, where different archbishops makes the “frontier war”, between neighbour countries by saying: Kosovo is Serbian; North Albania is Greek and astonishingly the Macedonian (FYROM) archbishop said yesterday that Salonika is Macedonian anschluss (annexation).
As the European Treaties have mentioned in so far, implicitly or explicitly, that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has the purpose, to ensure and to observe the implementation and the application of the Treaties, by covering well-circumscribed subjects of the Treaties, and in that way, ensuring and establishing democracy in all old/new Europe.
In my view, the Greek Courts and perhaps with the reorganisation of the Serbian state and with at last with more prolific tolerance against the minorities, there will be an attempt to see themself as the guarantor of the universe, exactly as the German Courts sees nowadays their roles as the protector of universalism, by emphasising the need of new “emperor” rather the need to see themself in the frame of the particularism in the new version of Europe.
This plague of the reincarnation of the “hallowed constitutional homogeneous” is affiliated with the worst pathetic and pathological disaffirmative anachronism, tantalizing the entire region, in every single country, by usurpating the “crassness” of this world which looks so quite.

Ylli Përmeti London 29 May 2008