Monday, October 13, 2008

Political heat high in Albania

Many strange thinks had happened in Albania during last days. A Bosnian businessman named Damir Fazlic was reported arrested in Sarajevo from Bosnian Police and released after some hours. Newspapers in Tirana reported that this Mr. Fazlic, own a group of companies here in Albania and has strong links with Prime Minister Berisha. Mr. Berisha said in parliament last week “yes, Mr. Fazlic is my friend, but he has not committed any crime”. But Albanian prosecutors does not think so. They have opened a investigation on Mr. Fazlic properties, and have blocked his activities. Newspapers and televisions who openly protect the government accused the general prosecutor Mrs. Ina Rama, to act under orders from President Mr. Bamir Topi, who is considered since ever political adversary of Mr. Berisha in the right wing Democratic Party. By media and opposition, Mr. Fazlic is considered a mafia guy, who had come in Tirana in 2005 to invest in government change. He is reported to have purchased a plot of land in the coast, in a zone destined to build up oil storage. Media reported that he have sold a company based in Tirana to a Cyprus based owned by the same, rising doubts about money laundering activity. Formally, a professional journalist should not write such unconfirmed information. But it seems that a lot of underground business had been done by the family of the Prime Minister during the last three years and maybe it is good to be informed on. The bad news is that political investigations usually in Albania brings new conditions for power sharing and no justice. So, it is hard to believe that something serious will happen after the investigations over Mr. Fazlic.

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