Monday, July 20, 2009

From Tirana to Ohrid and back

A reader of my blog posted to me the simple question how to go from Tirana International Airport and back. So I have tried to explain all ways.
Ohrid is a beautiful town on the lake and I like it. I will spend some days in August there. Furthermore, this week, a very ancient tomb with many interesting artifacts has been discovered for the first time near the Castle of Ohrid.

Dear Traveler
Let me start with car rentals. They are expensive. In the airport, you can fin Avis or Hertz. Prices starts from 70 euro per day. If you want something cheaper, perhaps a girl named Morena 00355682061611 can secure a car that costs 40 euro per day. Since you are going to Macedonia, you should know that at the border you have to pay an international third party liability insurance that cost 40-50 euro

If you like public transport, that will be a little complicated

From the Airport to tirana, there is a buss every one hour, till nine o'clock PM. The bus stops in the center of Tirana. Near the bus station there is an agency named Drita. That agency operates an overnight bus. Start from Tirana 9.00 PM, arrives at Struge (MK) at 2.00 AM. It is not so nice.
There is a third way. You should go from Tirana center to Elbasani Street. It takes 15 minutes walking or 400 lek (3.5 euro) by cab. In Elbasani street you can take a minivan that goes to Elbasan. (Cost 200 lek or 250 per person). From Elbasan probably you will change minivan to go to the border. (Cost 300-400). From the border you can use another cab to go to Ohrid (cost 12-15 euro).
Minivans are commonly used in Albania and has not a timetable. Usually you can find minivans during whole day.

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Dorina said...

now for sure will be easier to travel to ohrid. thnx gjergj