Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distance and time for traveling in Albania

I have noted that there is little synthetic information on the web about distance of traveling within Albania.
So here it is a partial list

Distance approximately
Tirana to Durres
40 km
45 minutes
Tirana to Shkodra
100 km
1 hour 30 minutes -2 hours
Tirana to Podgorica (Montenegro)
170 km
No less than 3 hours, including time lost in border control
Tirana to Pristina (Kosovo)
350 km
No less than 4.5 hours by buss. Crazy drivers can do it for less than 4 hours
Tirana to Korca
170 km
No less than 3.5 hours, difficult road from Tirana to Elbasan
Tirana to Vlora
145 km
It seems like can be done for 2 hours without difficulties, however, it usually takes 2.5-3 hours
Tirana to Dhermi
180 km
About 3.5-4.5 hours. There is a great chance during the summer for traffic mess in Vlora
Tirana to Saranda via Riviera
About 250 km
6-7 hours if you are lucky
Tirana to Gjirokastra
220 km
About 5 hours, mostly because of very bad road in Mallakastra
Tirana to Saranda via Gjirokastra
294 km
About 6-7 hours
Minor destinations
Tirana to Thethi
180 km
The time necessary depends greatly on the car. It can take as much as 8 hours
Tirana to Elbasani
54 km
About 1 – 1.5 hours
Tirana to Lezha
64 km
About 1 hour, depend on the level of traffic
Tirana to Kruja
22 km
About 30 – 45 min, depend on the traffic conditions
Tirana to Peshkopia
174 km
Very long, at least 5 hours due to poor road conditions

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