Monday, June 9, 2008

Another strong policeman under probe

Every day, in the main streets of Tirana, is almost impossible to lose the ridiculous spectacle offered by traffic warden police. At a certain point of the day, traffic controller goes crazy and begins to scream: “Move on now. Stop now. Move stop, move…” This is the moment when a high official is passing away. (By ‘high official’ I mean every police chef, state officials or MP). The spectacle end when warden salute in military stile the car which pass away.

Yesterday, one of the bosses of warden police, well known in Albania as substitutes of traffic lights when traffic lights are on, has been accused for violating human rights and arresting illegally two citizens one of them a prosecutor officer. Newspapers announced today that Krenar Ahmeti, Chef of Traffic Control Police in Tirana is under charge. According to accusatorial papers, he likes to presents itself as a strong and merciless bobby. “He had arrested illegally three citizens, one of them with legal immunity, violating constitutional rights and European Convention of Human Rights”, prosecutors notes.

Mr. Ahmeti has been well known for every one who drives a car in Tirana, because during a short time, tens of drivers had lost their driving licenses. (Usually in that, he maybe had done right thinks, anyway).

“He seems like a gangster with uniform”, someone commented in in Albanian. “He presents itself as a very serious police officer, but is not investigating over criminal organizations”. Mr. Ahmeti’s ‘strong practices’ are not unusual in Albania.

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