Monday, June 16, 2008

Every moment in Balkans is a "historical moment"

By Gjergj Erebara in Skopje

Almost every time, when I have traveled in the Balkans, I have found myself in a “historical momentum”. I have not traveled a lot at all; just twice or three times in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro ecc. This time, I have found Macedonia in post-re-election day, where my good compatriots attested again their understanding of democracy and rule of law. I read two Albanian newspapers, and not surprisingly I found out that one of them declared the victory of PDSH and the other, the victory of BDI. I don’t know which of those parties belong to the left wing and who the right-wing. Maybe they are both. Anyway! The fact is that early elections were caused by PDSH which withdrew on April from government coalition, creating troubles for Macedonia NATO bid. Their competition has caused one death and several injured last Sunday. And both have lost, pushing in serious surviving test the so-called ‘Belgian model of Macedonia’. For what I know, a Macedonian party has reached for the first time full control of Parliament, making useless Albanian parties. Although is almost sure that Albanians will hold a symbolic presence in the new government, power division system, a tool invented in 1993 from EU to save Macedonia from ethnic madness, is now a specie on way of extinction.

On the same day, many other ‘historical moments’ occurred. Kosovo got its new constitution. Bosnia signed the Pre-association Agreement with EU. The absurd stile debate about Macedonia name, continued between Greece and Macedonia.

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