Wednesday, June 4, 2008

US Ambassador Withers helps investigation on ammunition depot blast

This is not the first time that Mr. John Withers, Ambassador of United States in Tirana, goes to save rule of law in this country. Yesterday on June 3, Mr. Withers had gone to met General Prosecutor Mrs. Ina Rama to help her to go further with the investigation about ammunition depot blast of March 15.
The investigation reached a dead point last week. Members of majority in parliament tried to postpone procedures about removing legal immunity for former Minister of Defense, Mr. Fatmir Mediu. Mr. Mediu is seen as responsible for the depot blast were 26 people died and several hundreds houses were destroyed. Several families are still homeless.
“The American government will view with disappointment and alarm any effort to subject this investigation to any outside influence whatsoever,” said John L. Withers after a meeting with Prosecutor General Ina Rama.
Speaker of Parliament Mrs. Jozefina Topalli was accused during last days that had used procedures to postpone for at least six weeks from now the decision to lift legal immunity of Mr. Mehdiu. Today in early morning, Mrs. Topalli declared that Mr. Mehdiu “will lose its immunity very son”.
Early this year, Mr. Withers had helped to open investigation against an MP who had beaten up a journalist. For us who live in Tirana, is understandable that nothing will be considered a crime if international pressure will not exerted upon authorities.
Mr. Mehdiu is the first member of government who had been charged for a crime since the collapse of communism.

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