Sunday, August 2, 2009

I hate staying in one place for more than three days

This is my second day in Ohrid, (MK), but I have already enough that I would like to change. It is not because of Ohrid, of course. This is a beautiful town with a great lake that is friendly and calm. Peoples who live around this glacial era lake are known for their calm behavior, despite their ethnicity or religion. This perhaps explain why the rude events of the age of nationalism, with all the injustices and stupidness that the nationalism induced, has not yet produced any unpleasant event that we have seen in very abundant quantity in other parts of the Balkans.
Ohrid offers an unique opportunity for those interested in studying multicultural societies. Nikola, the owner of the house were we are staying, called Kimete, his Albanian neighbor, a lady married with a Turkish man, to translate for our arrangement. The triangular relationship between Macedonian, Albanians and Turks, has changed so fast during the last few years. When I came first in 2000, Albanians were afraid to speak in their mother-tongue. Half of them has been self declared Turks. Now, the situation looks much better for my compatriots, whose sufferings and backwardness makes me feel ashamed for my nation state.
In the mean time, the number of ancient cars has decreased sharply. But one can still see a Golf I, 1982, (slightly newer than me), on the road.
Anyway! I feel now a little bored in Ohrid, and it is still only the second day. Definitely this beautiful town with century-old churches, mosques and a great lake, needs an overhaul in its gastronomic life. I am now thinking what to do next. One idea, perhaps I will move to Bitola (Manastir). :)

Note: Upward photo: Some Indians (from north America) playing their traditional instruments
Down: A fine Yugoslavian version of Fiat. It has been produced perhaps early in 1980's.

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