Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mixed feelings on EU-Lex mission in Kosovo

Parked cars. Photo:

On Monday, 14 September, several thousand Albanians in Kosovo are expected to protests against a so-called EULex – Serbia's protocol on cooperation. I am going there to cover the protest as a journalist, but I feel barely “independent” and “unbiased” as a correct reporter should be. The protesters are very nice guys. Well learned guys and girls, aggressive, courageous and productive. They have bulk. And most importantly, they have the will to protest, a dear virtue by Tirana's point of view. Here people do not go out to protest.

The so-called government of Kosovo is not so nice. They seems like village rulers, beys or something far away of being well-doing elected officials.

EU-Lex and the international community... On them I have mixed feelings. First, it is the rationalism. The international community gave Kosovo a certain degree of freedom, nominal independence and stability. But it gave also to the corrupted and inapt government of Kosovo a kind of a certification to rule the country. Perhaps this was the result of real-politics. The saying may go, "people deserve the government they have." But perhaps this was an international failure. Perhaps this is an Albanian failure. Anyway, this is another mater.

EU-Lex, the European mission that intends to substitute the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, has already signed the controversial Protocol of collaboration with Serbia. The protocol seems like a good and practical solution but it also conveys the taste of the colonial ruling.

It's actually difficult to understand what is going on in Kosovo. Moreover, the media has not provided much useful information, while politicians even less. Albin Kurti... yes! Despite the fact that you agree or not with his ideas, you can understand Kosovo when listening to him.